Cloudy Agate


Roxy is a 1993 bay near leopard mare with a black mane and tail. She is 15hh and has a very pretty head and neck, with a nice slope to her shoulder. She has a good topline too, although she has had several foals already. Roxy is relaxed and quiet, calm and even tempered. She is a great mother to her foals. Roxy has Plaudit, Romans Straw Man and Hayes’ Roman Cloud bloodlines.

From Rox to Diamonds “Pebbles” (2002)

ZMI Silhouette “Bips” (2003)

ZMI Cinnamon Spice “Spice” (2004)

ZMI Partly Cloudy “Chester” (2005)

ZMI Rock Candy “Moxy” (2007)

ZMI King of Rock “Elvis” (2008 )

ZMI Sweet Cheeks “Spanky” (2010)