ZMI Big Man On Campus

Zip Me Impressive x Executive Girl

A 2004 black and white colt, Manny is laid back, super smooth and unflappable – you can do anything with him. In September 2004, Manny moved to Georgia to live with new owners Michael and Stephanie, who plan on keeping him a stallion and showing him as he grows.

Manny’s owner Michael said that he and his wife Stephanie love Manny and that she was spoiling him rotten! They are working him daily and tell how he has to play for a few minutes and then settles right down to work, loves to work, and loves the attention. He has latched onto Stephanie and knickers as soon as they enter the barn, and sticks his head way out to get noticed right away. Then he nuzzles Stephanie all over, sticking his nose and head in her shirt, pockets, neck, under her arms, just getting as close as possible to her.

Manny has filled out nicely, is growing very tall, and has beautiful movement. They turn him out in the pasture by the state highway that runs past their farm in Georgia and have had people stop just to look at him in the field – he always runs over to check it out and people have commented time and again at how friendly he is.

In November 2004, Manny was joined by half-sister Sugar in Georgia.

Manny has points in Open Hunter in Hand Stallions.