ZMI Cinnamon Spice

Zip Me Impressive x Cloudy Agate

Spice is a 2004 mare with a sweet, loving personality. She was shown and has earned 0.5 points in Open Yearling Longe Line. She was bred to Mr Cool Hand Luke of Larrabee Appaloosas for a 2008 foal; unfortunately Spice had difficulty in accepting her foal and he is being hand raised.

Spice underwent further training and has now found new owners, although she will remain as a border at Saddlebrook Appaloosas.



Mr Cool Hand Luke x ZMI Cinnamon Spice

Spice’s first foal is a black colt with a spotted blanket. Finnegan was born on March 18th, 2008. He is very friendly, a quick learner and curious.