ZMI Slow To Unzip

Zip Me Impressive x Executive Girl

Zoey is a 2000 filly by 2003 World’s Best Appaloosa Zip Me Impressive and the second foal out of Executive Girl. Zoey is now living in California on a cattle ranch with owner Laurel.


Update from Zoey’s owner, Laurel.

For a little less than a year, I’ve been the proud “mother” to one of Frosty’s daughters, Zoey. She came to me by way of the folks who have Diva, who learned her current owner was selling her horses for financial reasons. For one short month, Zoey and Diva got to live side-by-side. It was fun for all of us – I got to see her little sister, and they got to look into the future a little bit to see how Diva might “fill out.”

Zoey currently stands about 15’2, and is a very strong and beautiful 1200 lbs. or so, with a wonderful hip. She is “at school” right now, and the thing I hear most from the trainer is that she “doesn’t have a mean bone in her body,” followed by, “she wants to please and will do anything I ask of her.” Her permanent residence is with me, on 550 acres of hilltop cattle ranch, where she delights in herding all things bovine.

The first shot is my very first ride around the arena after bringing her home. It’s taken at the barn where she and Diva got to live side by side on a short term basis. Shortly after this, “Diva and Family” moved down south about an hour away, where they now run their own boarding facility, and Zoey moved up to the ranch with me.

The second shot is Zoey at home, standing in front of the corrals where we work our cattle. As you can see, she really is “on top of the world” up here. She happily shares the barn and surrounding acres with another Appy mare, a Morgan cross gelding, the ranch dogs and, of course, the cows. She truly is a sweet, loving girl, with a soft, kind eye that lets you look right inside to her soul. I am lucky to have her.